Dear Tall Guys Who Appear To Only Date Girls Who Are Very Short,

I alluded to your type before. I know you’re out there. I’ve seen you around. You’re 6’4″ and your girlfriend is 5’2″. She comes up to about your wrist.

And it makes me fucking crazy. Not only do I seethe with jealousy because you’re soooo in love, but I am filled with rage to see the height differential. Again. Again!

I realize that you can’t just like, custom-order the perfect person. Alright, you sort of can with like a mail-order bride and shit, but still. Unless you’re taking Russian classes Saturday mornings at your local community college, how good of a match was it, really? Anyway, sometimes you can just fall in love, regardless of height considerations. I can understand that. But I am unable to do it. Height is my critical must-have requirement. Everything else is reasonably more negotiable.

I would ask though, to consider the tall girls before making your final decision. My beef isn’t with your girlfriend, it’s with you. You know, there are plenty of us to choose from. A lot of us are sick of wearing flats and kicking off our shoes to take pictures with our current boyfriends because we look silly to tower over them. Not all of us play for the WNBA, you know. I’m like 5’10” barefoot, so how the fuck am I supposed to look like a lady next to a dude who is 5’7″?

What about being able to reach things, huh? Putting up curtains? You can actually get help from a tall girl. Hey, can your stupid 5’2″ girlfriend get to the cabinet over the fridge? I bet not. I bet she has to get a chair. And then she’s got to get you to get the cake pans, because she still can’t reach, right?

I hope you’re happy reaching for the cake pans, buddy. Me and the tall girls are going to put up some motherfucking curtains without you.

PS: This letter is almost THREE YEARS OLD. PLEASE KNOCK IT OFF – I don’t give a flying shit about your opinion on this matter. Suck it. Comments are CLOSED!

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95 Responses to Dear Tall Guys Who Appear To Only Date Girls Who Are Very Short,

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    • phoebe says:

      I don’t know how to apply to the message directly, so i will reply to one of the comments instead.

      I am a short girl, (5″1) and i just have to say, i have NEVER seen a model or movie star below 5″7. Tall girls are so busy complaining about how they can’t date short guys (which, no offense guys, even short girls don’t want either), they don’t realize that there is an entire section of professions that a female of my stature would never be considered for: Entertainment (ie, movies, tv, modeling)

      there is also, studies have shown, a direct connection between height and salary, so considering the fact that women already how lower salaries than men, short women have the hardest time of all, because they do not appear to some as powerful, or able to manage shorter employees.

      So stop complaining about being tall. I would be 5″10 rather than 5″1 in a heartbeat.

  2. kylydia says:

    I completely agree. I know this post is old, but I just found you. Give the tall girls a chance.

  3. I’m 5’11” and I like to wear 3″ heels. There are never, ever, enough tall men.

  4. Laurel says:

    This used to frustrate the hell out of me in high school…

    I’m 5’10 as well, and my boyfriend is 5’6.

    But I did date a tall guy (6’4) for like 2 months, and I was his first tall girlfriend (at 22!) Didn’t last. I think tall guys get intimidated by tall women, so really, the tall guys are just insecure.

    I’ll just get the mug off the top shelf for my Todd and smile because even though he’s short, it doesn’t bather him to have a tall girlfriend.

  5. Riley says:

    To the person who posted:
    “I think tall guys get intimidated by tall women, so really, the tall guys are just insecure.”
    I am a tall guy, not super tall, just 6’4″. I prefer shorter women only because I find them more attractive. Its as simple as that, a matter of preference. I really don’t think of myself as insecure at all. Some people prefer dark hair, blonds, blue eyes, green eyes, tall, short, heavy set skinny, whatever….. no one ever says they are insecure. I just find shorter girls sexier. I have only dated girls that were around 5’4 and 5’8 anything after that and things start to look disproportionate. So I suppose it is really about being proportional than anything. Seems like the two go hand in hand. My friends and I have had this discussion in the past and we all seem to feel about the same way. Insecure? I think you are trying to come up with a convenient answer to suit your dilema. I actally do no guys who like really tall women. I also know short guys who can’t get a date. They have an attitude aswell. While your options may not be as vast as your shorter competition, there is know need to take it out on tall people….

  6. BittenChick says:

    You rock my socks, loved this letter! I’m 6′ so I feel your pain. My brother is 6’9″ and only dates girls who are 5’6″ or shorter, the wanker. 😉

    Tall girls unite!

  7. N.John says:

    Hey, I’m a guy who is 6 feet and 7 inches tall, and I would just like to say that most really tall guys who have any amount of self respect do not always like short girls. I have admitedly only had three girlfriends, and yes, they were extremely short in comparison to me. But I would honestly love to meet a girl who is at least 5’10 or taller, because I feel like a fuckin idiot trying to kiss someone who doesnt even come up to my center chest. I want to remember what it’s like to hug someone and put my head on their shoulder, and I want to know what its like to casually walk up and kiss my girl friend, or have a passionate kiss where I don’t have to support her. So the only reason THIS tall guy has only dated short girls, is because the tall ones are so much rarer and so much harder to find. Maybe it’s the same with other tall guys?

    • Christine says:

      Aww N.John I didn’t realise guys felt the same! I rarely see many guys taller than 6’2″…and they’re usually messing around with girls 3 years their junior (and at least 6inches smaller). Being 6′ most guys who look up to me (in both ways) are always around 5’7″ or less and have mother issues. You’ve reminded me that there are sweet guys out there not looking for little women to rest their pint on =)

      • Frankie says:

        Taller guys do feel like that. N.John totally hit the nail on the head with his comment.

        I’m 24 years old and 6ft 9in without shoes and find it hard to meet girls. I don’t even really need to meet a tall girl because I’m tall. Just ‘a’ girl who I can be with who wants to be with me!

        I also lift weights and people seem to think I’m some sort of a thug because of my height and build. People are too quick to judge. Guys don’t really bother me and I don’y really care one way or the other but it bothers me when girls judge me because of my size.

        I don’t want to go out and say “yea, I could date her, shes only 9 inches smaller than me” everyone should get the time to know the person and stop making snap decisions on appearance!

        Also!! People alway seem to need to make a silly comment when they’re interacting with me such as “hows the weather up there?” as if they need to treat me different from everyone else. What about just treating me the same as the next person without the stupid, stupid jokes.

        Christine – there’s still some out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mark says:

    What about the short guys? No girls ever give us a chance.

  9. David Vardy says:

    I am 6’3 (184 lbs) and I adore tall women and I would not mind dating a woman taller than me. . Unfortunately, the tallest lady I have dated was 5’10 (124 lbs); I encouraged her to wear heels, but she really did not feel comfortable; not because of me, but because she felt herself so tall. This tells something about pressure on tall women during their upbringing.

  10. A Guy says:

    Mark, I’m with you

    Just as much as its a problem for you, it’s a problem for short guys like me

    I’m athletic, smart, and somewhat good looking, but at a little over 5’6″ my height is the main obstacle

    there are plenty of girls shorter than me or my height, but they all go for the tall guys, except for a few

  11. O. Dear says:

    All I can say is “As God made ’em, he matched ’em” – It doesn’t include a side note about height.

    I definitely did not mean this letter to slight guys who were shorter than me. If the love of my life is a few inches shorter, it just won’t matter. It just won’t.

  12. FUCKYOURSELF says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP! all the tall women are models and in movies and shit, they’re always hyped up, its’s shorter women that are less popular you have no idea what you’re talking about, get over it!

  13. FUCKYOURSELF says:

    p.s i like short and tall guys height shouldnt be an issue (though most guys are taller than me obvs as i’m 4,10 lol)

  14. fifo2711 says:

    Lies, all lies!! you (tall women) do not exist.

    and of the extremely few that i have come across, all have chosen guys shorter than themselves to go out with.

  15. rundell says:

    i love tall girls like me but there are with the litter guys 7ft tall 18yrs old hight school …black

  16. Amicus says:

    I’m 6’6″ and honestly I just find shorter girls (5’3″-5’5″) physically sexier than tall women. I like curves and you typically don’t find curves on the taller women. With that said, those qualities are only taken in consideration when I am wanting someone for sex. As far as marriage potential and relationships go I prefer a woman around 5’7″ -5’9″ because… 1) It just gets irritating trying to talk face to face with a girl that is way shorter than me and… 2) I want to pass on the tall gene to my kids and knocking up a midget ain’t gonna cut it. Hope you ladies reading don’t think I am a pig, but that’s how I feel about the situation…

  17. Bella says:

    I’m 5’1 and my boyfriends have always been 6’1 or taller. I’d like a guy closer to my height, but shorter guys like you amazons. I think tall women are so graceful and feminine, but God made me this way so I have to accept it.

    Think about this, tall women have outlets. The fashion industry loves you and spits on us. You have long legs, which men go crazy over. You excel at many sports. People give you respect and you’re more likely to be a CEO than I am. Shorter women are often talked down to, ignored, overlooked, and men want us to stay barefoot and pregnant. Who’s going to take orders from me when they can push me to the side?

    So while it sucks that I might indeed get hit on 99% of the time by super tall men, I’m more likely to rely on them for protection and security. Tall women are more likely to be successful and independent. I’d choose the latter.

  18. Chad says:

    foolish humans….. you women complaining about short men are the very same ones claiming that looks should not matter; and are ready to curse out any guy alive who refuses to date a girl because she is too fat or something of the sort.

    You all should really take a good look at the males around you tall or short, and stop discriminating on the basis of height. “Mr. Right” could be right under (no pun intended, lol) you nose.

  19. Tall Chic says:

    I really wish I could email Riley because I think he made one of the most ridiculously inaccurate statements I have ever heard-describing women over 5’8 as being ‘disproportional’ is ludacris. Not to say that I don’t fully believe that he has encountered tall women that do fit that description, but Riley have you opened up a Victoria Secret magazine recently, cause last time I check those women were not disproportional in anyway. There is a better chance a 5’2 girl would look out of proportion in the same lingerie.

    Here is what I think (and feel free to disagree): I think that it has to do with body type, not with height. I think there is a certain body type certain women have, whether they are 5’0 or 6’0, that is just well proportioned and sexy. They have small frames, long, tapered limbs, slight shoulders (not broad Vs like men and some larger boned women), waists that curve inward and hips that are round without being ‘child-bearing’ or fat. They aren’t anorexic, but they are quite slim, probably slimer than the average girl. Their breasts are usually Bs or Cs, ample, but never porn star (unless they had a boob job). This body type is called ectomorphic. Women with this body type usually have nerve ending closer to the surface than others and are therefore also more sensitive to touch (not that this has anything to do with their appearance). Most supermodels are ectomorphic.

    I am almost 5’11 in my barefeet-too tall to be attractive by Riley’s standards, but have the body type described above. One of my best friends is 5’3 and we have nearly identical bodies, aside from height.

    I suffer from the same frustrations as the author of this post, despite the fact I am 100% positive that I have a killer bod and curves with a bubble but J-Lo would be jealous of.

    I will never forget 10 years ago when I was in college and I was walking into a bar to meet up with friends. I was there to have fun and socialize, minding my own business and not looking for attention. As I was walking toward a group of guys I heard them talking, “Look at her! Dude she’s f–king hot!” said guy #1….”Yeah 10! Seriously she is a 10!” said guy #2….”Nah, no way dude, too tall” said guy #3.

    Story of my life. Whether it is insecurity, a lifetime of being socialized to prefer shorter women (they usually get boobs first and make better cheerleaders), some kind of biological trigger to mate with someone whose genetics compliment your own, or inate preference…I am sure of one thing…it isn’t because shorter women are more in proportion…and Riley if you need further evidence of this, please send me your email.

  20. Tall Chic says:

    Oh and FYI-I don’t discriminate on height. I have dated shorter men and taller men. I have dated guys with a little extra weight on them and one skinner than me. I have dated two male models and one guy so odd looking that I was shocked by his appearance the first time I saw him, but after I got to know him and found him to be cool & confident (and funny), he became irresistably sexy to me!

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  22. booker noe says:

    I’m 6’4″ and dated a 5’11” girl for 5 months unitl she ripped my heart out, I haven’t found a girl her height since and would love too.
    I would encorage her to wear heels and boost her confidence, so she could proberly rip my heart out again.
    a sucker for tall girls I guess…

  23. leese says:

    As a tall and young girl in highschool I generally find that guys go for girls shorter then them. But girls also look for guys taller then them. But height aside I know it is important to look under superficial appearances and see people for who they are, not for their height.

    Yes it is hard to walk into a room wearing heels and be taller then every girl in the room and taller then most of the guys, but I have come to realise that unlike so many people I actually have a personality that hopefully outshines my height.

    Instead of judging on looks alone please give people a chance based on who they are, you may find out that the “short guy” or “tall girl” is nicer and sweeter then any other so called “well-proportioned” person in the room.

    And for those of you that only date people of certain body types or heights get a life and get over yourself. You are truely a disgrace.

    Be confident no matter who you are or what you look like, leave the rude and insignificant people behind. Learn to use your assests and flaunt them, if you have a killer smile, show it off. If you have great legs, strut your stuff. Learn to love yourself.


  24. Not so tall girl says:

    I’m from Portugal, a country in wich the average height of a woman is 1,60m (5’2), and I am considered a very tall girl, with 1,73m (5’8), I know just 4 or 5 girls taller than me. My smallest boyfriend was 6’4….And that ideia thar short women have more curves…I have C-cup breasts, and my measures are 36-25-36…meanning, not every tall girls are curvless, boys!!

  25. some bitch says:

    well i’m six foot flat and 18 years old…and honestly, i’ve never had any trouble with finding a boyfriend. I just tend to focus on the guys who do find me attractive and forget the one’s who don’t (trust me, it’s easier on the ego).

    i love being tall. heels may be a bit much, but i most deff show it off.

    guys are stupid, so you just have to fool them with confidence 😉

  26. From the short Guy says:

    Your all bloody crazy, tall short who cares! It’s all about who she is and how you get along, if your deeply in love thats all that matters. Why complicate simple things when it comes down to how you get along. Thats what matters.

  27. Chris says:

    You girls make me sick. First you wine about not getting picked cause you have a little weight. Sounds to me like your all just a bunch of cry babies who can’t have your own way like daddy always let you. Grow up, people like this.. people like that.. no one is singling anyone out.

  28. Bill says:

    I’m 6’3″. My late wife was 4’11”. I just think tiny women are so cute. Not only that, I think it’s less intimidating to talk to a small woman compared to a tall woman. After my wife died I married a woman who was 5’5″. I certainly wasn’t going to overlook someone who was perfect for me because she wasn’t tiny enough.

  29. Gina says:

    i’m 27 and i already look younger than most 19/20 year olds i know….i’m short (5 feet) and I love it, and so does my boyfriend who’s 6″1! Plus I know when I get older, I’ll look younger than all the tall women 😀

  30. Shortyyyyy says:

    Well, my love is 6’3″ and I`m about 5’2″.. at first it totally seemed to be a problem for him.. it saddened me because I didn`t ever expect to be too short! But he doesn`t really care, he`ll poke at me for being short but we`ve fallen in love for the other million things we love about each other….

    I typically don`t like short guys – but let`s just say I like them taller than me, which isn`t very difficult to find! lol I think 5’6″..5’7″ and up is perfect.. I like at least having to reach up to kiss them or put my arms around their necks.. or work a little bit to give them that kiss on the neck =)

  31. Tim says:

    hey I just read through this whole thing and its nice to see people actually talking about this whole tall guy short girl topic. Im 6’8″, 22 years old and my ex whom I dated for 4 years was 4’11”. My opinion is that it really doesnt matter how tall or short you are as long as youre happy with that person. She always told me I didnt look tall anymore after a few months and loved it if i picked her up to kiss her or just to have her on my hip walking around being dumb and attracting a ton of attention. During her prom once the first slow song was about 10 seconds in I picked her up so she could rest her head on my shoulder and the whole room cheered. So look for the person that will make you happy even if youre a foot and a half apart. P.S. I also saw these tall clubs and when I looked into them they all seemed to have older members. Anyone know of a tall club/organization in NJ with alot of members around 21?

  32. Anna says:

    Tall Chic, agree with you 100% 🙂

    Riley, for a guy who brought ” disproportions” in the whole discussion…… for a 6.4 guy dating a 5.4 woman, are you sure you are qualified to give an opinion on proportions?: hehehehe

    But anyway, from my 30 years of being 6.1, ” ME” I’am telling you that height should not really matter to you………….. Just happiness …………………and you should not dismiss a shorter guy just because he is missing a couple of inches.

    My advise is find the guy that adores the ground you walk on,…fat, short, skinny, …crazy about you (that’s a must:)))) and don’t bother about tall men that much.

    If one is going to come your way and make you happy, great..if not,…there are shorter fish in the sea….and in my experience , the shorter they are, the crazier they get about you.

    So remember…being happy is the most important thing because in the end, life is short and you don’t want to waste it by not looking down from time to time :))))))))

  33. Alexander says:

    Okay, I just want to add that I love whoever wrote the original article.
    I had no problem finding girls when I was growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii because the majority populous was my height, 5’7″. Here in California I can’t even get any girls time of day because I don’t subliminally remind them of their drunkard fuckup father. I am way more intelligent than most big guys, much better looking, more muscular, stronger, the works. I am tired of being treated like I am a little guy and I hold myself right. I guarantee that I will beat most taller guys than me at wrestling, fighting whatever.
    I have no problem dating taller girls, and I consider it a compliment to me and them that they can overlook social normality. Plus I’m confident enough to pull it off. Fuck you little insecure daddy issue bitches that scoff at me and rock on all the ladies who are tall or don’t care.
    Short guys rule!

  34. Karen says:

    Dear Tall Guys Who Appear To Only Date Girls Who Are Very Short

    I would like to add one comment to the above titled article… I’m 4’11 and my man is 6’5 and I get comments all the time about how “he looks like he swallows you”. Well get this tall bitches! Short girls are golden. We look like a lady and perform like a toy! he he! Oh and we can wear cute heels! We rock! Get OVER IT!

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  36. Shana says:

    Yeah.. and when the shorter women get fatter faster then us i’ll just laugh. Taller women have a more likely chance just to fill out because were elongated. Even though i am 5’7″. But, thats tall for a 15 year old

  37. Ben says:

    Shorter girls are less attractive than taller women. I’m a man, but nothing annoys me more than some stupid 5’2 girl going after a 6’2 guy. It’s so pathetic. I’m 6’3 and I don’t date women under 5’5. And taller women are curvier than shorter women, plus I like long legs.

  38. sara says:

    hey ben, you’re an idiot! some of the most attractive women are very short… jessica simpson, eva longoria, paula abdul [just to name a few] are all under 5’3! why should a short girl with a tall guy bother you? why is it ‘pathetic’? people have their own preferences. he fact that you have a height requirement for only 5’5 and over is what’s pathetic.

  39. bon says:

    hmm, so..

    you mean most girls dont like dating shorter men ?


  40. Ben says:

    Short girls aren’t attractive.
    Get over it.

    I’m 6’3 tall and i only date girl 5’6 and up.
    Love those long legs!

    You can have all the short stumpy curveless girls you want guys, because the only reason you go for them is a dominance issue.

  41. Ben says:

    Sara.. please don’t fool yourself. You look like a bunch of 10 year olds. I would never want a girl under 5’6, no legs.. no figure.. they get fat easy.. they look goofy in heals.

    Sorry, you need to face the truth and realize, tall girls own all of you midgets lol

  42. WTF says:



  43. dave says:

    I prefer girls shorter than me, but i would date a taller girl. I think you’re just setting too many standards, and you would find a lover if you would be more open to having a short guy, than if you keep being a bitch and wondering why there isn’t anyone in your life. Imagine being a guy and having a girlfriend who is taller than you, when you and her hug, you don’t want to send the wrong message, but your face is just pushed into her chest if you hug tightly. Awkward. Whereas with a shorter girl it’s her face on your chest, what sounds less intimidating to you? As I said, expand your horizons because I’ve wasted too much of my time, your time, and everyone who happened to read clear through this discussion.
    Good day to you.

  44. Shortgirls pwn says:

    I’m 6’8″ tall and I dated a tall girl 6’2″ recently for a while just to see what it was all about. I had always been into shorter chicks since I started dating, simply because I found that the taller the girls are the more ‘manish’ they seemed to be. Sure it was nice looking in her eyes and getting real hugs w/out stooping down. It was kinda cool that we could walk together arm in arm and actually have a conversation at a club w/out sitting down. I liked being with her on the outside world a lot but the private world was kinda laughable. Her attempts at being sexy just didn’t do it for me – I thought maybe there was something wrong with me but now looking back I realize that her lack of girly qualities is what kept me from really committing to being with her. Now I am into a chick that’s 4’9″ HAHA yes from one extreme to another – and I’ll tell ya what – good things come in small packages. If I found a really hot tall chick that had her femininity intact I would date her, but I just don’t see to many around that qualify.

  45. Zanzibar says:

    Short guys (like me) who like tall women read your article and have absolutely no sympathy for you whatsoever.

    We don’t mind that you like or prefer tall guys; That is not the issue, as everyone has their own preferences.

    It is more the hypocrisy of your seething anger at the tall guys who DON’T prefer YOU….

    You don’t prefer short guys…should we be angry at you (or girls like you that prefer tall guys) because of this?

    If we “should” be angry, then how dare you not prefer us if you are going to get so mad about the fact that you aren’t preferred by certain people.

    If we shouldn’t be angry, then you shouldn’t be angry at the tall guys who like short girls (and therefore are not into you).

    It rubs people the wrong way to see someone complaining that a particular group of people do not find them attractive, when they themselves do not find another group of people attractive.

  46. T.Roberts says:

    Because ladies,I just cant seem to bring myself to dating a woman with feet bigger than mine.

  47. RaVeN says:

    Jessica Simpson?
    Fine specimen of a woman

  48. Envious of Tall Girls says:

    My best friend in high school was 5’10 3/4″. She hated being tall, but I always thought it was so cool. I’m only 5′ 1/2″. You may not like us short girls, but we think you tall girls are waaay cool! Wear high heels and be proud to be tall! I’ll wear flats and…well….look like a midget. Tall girls rock!!!

  49. Lindsey says:

    I hate being short. ALl the freaken tall guys like me because I am “cute” I don’t want to be cute god damnit! I want to be tall and ‘sexy’ My dream was to be a god damn model or actress. No one is going to accept someone that is 4″11. Some cars i cannot drive because im too short, cant reach shit. And you know what. ITS A PAIN IN THE ASS TO KISS ANY GUYS WHO ARE 6 FEET OR HIGHER!

    I am like always the shortest in my class and its a pain in the ass. My height makes me look like im 13 years old. like. its retard. dont forget when you get old you strink. there goes everything

  50. Bailey says:

    I do believe I am going to print out this post and kiss it every single day. It is sheer genius.

    I’m 6’2 and wear heels constantly, and my tallest boyfriend has been 6’0.

  51. Coral Amber says:

    I am a fairly tall girl…5’10…I’m curvy in an hourglass way, have c cups, and am very much so proportionate. Tall people run in my family…Bro 6’7 mom 5’11 and dad 6’5 (I’m the short one!)

    I have dated my share of guys all different heights.
    I liked being with the taller men because they made me feel small and feminine. I liked being with the shorter men because I felt like I was powerful and everyone took notice of my statuesque-ness…

    Over time I have come to realize I am most comfortable and tend to gravitate towards men a smidge taller than me…An inch or three…
    Giving me some room for my love of tall mary-janes!

    Being just a bit taller than me makes for perfect hugs and kisses also 🙂

    I think everyone is beautiful in their own shapes and sizes. We are all different for a reason and we all like different things for a reason.

    If we were all programed to like the same things this would be one boring and scary world…Oh and lonely for all of us that didn’t fit that specific prototype…

    Thats what I hate about the images media ingrains into our mind early on and pushes throughout….

    I definitely have my standards of what I find more attractive than others…But I also have an open mind and am willing to try things outside of the box…

    I don’t condemn anyone else for what they like or don’t like. But next time you see someone who you think is unattractive for some reason (preconditioned in you mindset), remember they are beautiful in someones eyes. So open yours a little wider and maybe the world will make a little more sense!

    Have a good day you guys!
    Tall short and in between 😉

  52. JJxoxo44 says:

    I’m only 15 and 6’4″. I have a very proportionate body. Not to brag, but people tell me all the time I should be a model, and random people come up to me and tell me how beautiful I am. (I’m just saying this to prove some stereotypical guys wrong, like some of the guys that commented.) The thing that fustrates me are guys. They all end up telling me, “I really like you, but you’re just too tall for me.” It sucks! I don’t understand why my height is such a major deal. Also, all the tall guys in my highschool walk around with there 5 foot girlfriends. I just don’t understand! In college do the guys change?

  53. hey1234 says:

    DAMN….just a little bitter there?
    Haha wow some ladies are jealous of the petites….no wonder you guys have problems getting guys.
    It’s not always the height, sweeties. But your bitter and foul attitudes sure have something to do with your problem. Let go of the freaking envy, you sound so insecure and….dumb.

  54. 18 vs. 29 says:

    To the OP, you’re an idiot. I doubt your height is the real issue why most tall guys won’t give you the time of day… your bitchy, i’m tall and therefore better than all you short midgets’ inferiority complex certainly doesn’t help.

  55. Shindee says:

    Well I am one of those 5’2″ girls dating a 5’11” guy, and frankly I found this article hilarious. 🙂

  56. Amazon says:

    I’m 6’2 and I’m almost 17. Random people tell me all the time that I am gorgeous and that I should model. My parents made me break up with 2boyfriends because they were older than me. I was quite pissed because one was 6’4 and the other was 6’6. But whatever. I don’t think I could date a short guy because I’m so programmed from seeing my 6’5 dad everyday that I think of that as an ideal height. I stopped wearing heels three years ago. I get mad sometimes that I’m so tall and I’m working on accepting it. It’s especially hard when I’m around my two half-sisters who are both 5’2…but you can’t change your height so I just live my life to the max and take the stares as they come 🙂 I find that on AVERAGE (I don’t want any wild responses) tall guys tend to swing toward shorter gals but I guess if my two exes snagged me then there will be more in the future. To all tall girls on the site, strut what you have. The only thing that can ruin your beauty is insecurity…

  57. Ell says:

    I’m a guy who is 6’2” and havedated (including girlfriends) about 10 women. None of these chicks was over about 5’8, and all my girfriends have been about 5’3′ – 5’5′. Right now there’s this girl at work who is totally into me, suprise suprise she just happens to be about 5’2′ or something shes so damn tiny! Funnily enough when it comes to celebrities, I’m more into the Kate Moss’s, Venus Williams’s, Gisele’s etc, I have fantasies about sleeping with long leggeg, flat-chested women, my preference is Keira Knightley & Olga Kurylenko, no women are more sexy then them…but in the flesh, I’m just a sucker for tiny ladies, I just love lifting her pint-sized body. But if I met Keira, oh gosh…

  58. C. says:

    As a 5’2″ girl, I’m a little offended that according to so many of you, tall men only date short girls because they are desperate and insecure…

    Wow. That sure makes me feel good. So all the taller guys I’ve dated must have only dated me because they weren’t confident enough to go for a tall girl. I’m just a back-up plan until they can get the nerve to ask out a tall girl. That’s pretty sad… And untrue if you ask me.

    That being said, I can see why taller girls may be annoyed that a lot of tall guys go for the shorter girls because it’s natural to want someone your own height or taller. I sure as hell wouldn’t date a guy shorter than me (although most guys are taller than 5’2″.)

    But just because they feel that way doesn’t mean the short girls can’t go for them. Some people (like me) tend like taller guys. Does it mean I won’t date a shorter guy? No. I dated a 5’6″ briefly and it was fine. I’m not attracted to people solely on height. Hair, eyes, face, and of course body shape play a huge part.

    I think it depends on the people. And it just so happens that a lot of men (or at least the ones I know) like girls tiny.

    Sorry if that sucks, but it’s the way it is.

  59. Z says:

    Wow what a hypocrite. You froth at the mouth about tall guys preferring short girls, yet you obviously don’t see anything wrong with you not wanting a shorter guy. So its ok for you to make height your critical requirement but it’s not ok if a guy does it? LOL

  60. MB says:

    I hate being a tall girl. I am 5’11.5, and I cant wear heels. I have a hell of a time finding jeans long enough(don’t tell me the fashion world caters to me and my gigantic peers. It caters to the mid-range of 5’4-5’8). I usually end up looking over peoples heads normally, so I have no desire to add 2 or three inches.
    I am NOT disproportionate, thanks. Nor am I lacking in curves. I wear a 34D, and have a fairly small waist. I look like the shorter girls, only super-sized.
    With guys, I HAVE dated shorties. My last boy was 5’7. It didnt work out, and it was uncomfortable leaning down to kiss him all the time. I’ve never dated a guy over 5’8.
    Why? They love girls who are tiny.
    Atleast, thats how it looks to me. I’m jealous of them. They’re all adorable and little, and I’m a fucking amazon.

  61. ellie says:

    wow! im 4″11 and my boyfriend is 5″7 (and still growing) but guess what? he likes how i have to go on my tip toes to hug and kiss he and he likes helping me out to reach stuff. he doesn’t love me because of my height, he loves me! and i love being short and i don’t care if i have to walk a few meters to get a chair.

  62. DJ Easy says:

    Here is the final answer:

    We are all the same height lying down 😉

    I’m 5’8″ male and think that women look sexy in heels, whether you’re 4’10” or 6’10” People should be with people that make them happy. If there is a height difference between a couple, who cares because when you wind up in bed, height doesn’t matter! 😀

  63. A says:

    Ahh… and this is why the height of individuals in our populations is decreasing in size… all the tall guys are dating midgets.

  64. otherguy says:

    Im a guy at about 5 ft 9 , maybe a bit less but still that’s what people tell me when they guess my height, but either way I think you should really consider the fact that tall girls aren’t likely in the world so you’ll always have a majority of guys dating shorter girls. Even at my height, which isn’t tall for a guy, you will rarely see people with a girl that is taller then them, simply because there aren’t that many to begin with.

    Btw, assuming people genereally have a preference for shorter girls, how does it work the other way? Would you as a “tall girl” date a shorter guy?

  65. TallGuy says:

    I’m a tall guy 6’2″, And I gotta say, Tall girls are usually very attractive. Gives em that feline like grace and nice curves. I’ve always been that tall, shy guy, easily intimidated by NORMAL girls, nevermind ones as tall as me. For all you tall girls out there, don’t give up, guys might be intimidated by you so just act soft and sissyish, they’ll a come flockin to you in no time.

  66. aicha says:

    Hi! I found this post because I feel very attracted to a guy that seems to have twice my height. I’m 5″2 and he looks like a tower to me. lol lol lol When we are sitting, it’s aight, but when he stands up I feel like a lil moskito next to him.
    Even though, that doesn’t change the way I am feeling about him…just met the guy but he so charming, so interesting,so cute, so smart…so tall! I don’t feel attracted to short guys, at all. But I can’t seem to get this boy outta my mind….and can’t stop thinking of how ridiculous we would look as a couple…I mean, how would we take full body pictures together?
    Anyway….Will Smith is very tall and his wife Jada is very short. They seem ok with it… lol just to name 1 couple.

    By the way, I don´t agree with Ben, who says that short women aren’t as attractive as tall ones. Attractiveness has nothing to do with height, ok ?

    Stay cool! Congrats on the super funny and creative post. I’ma subscribe !

    • ohplease says:

      lady you just said

      “I don’t feel attracted to short guys, at all”

      then said

      “Attractiveness has nothing to do with height, ok ?”


  67. Mr X says:

    Just putting this out there, did you ever think that you cant make people like you no matter how hard you try. as for the size im 179cm tall, the height of girls doesn’t bother me but I cant deny a short girl and freakin attractive. they look so tiny so petite and delicate and it makes us guys feel good because we are able to help them and protect them. I cant change this because I love it and I love my GF a petite 135cm tall XD

  68. Jason says:

    Um, did you follow the tall guys and verify that they ONLY date short girls? No? Oh. I hate to tell ya this, but it IS your short sister that you should be mad at. We get girls of all ranges and if some hottie 5 feet tall or 6 feet tall steps to me, I’m not sayin no. We’re guys fer chrissake. The problem is that girls have absurd height requirements a lot of the time. I am a dating consultant, I know. I spend vast amounts of time trying to correct that in my clients. So, ya know, lay off the tall guys. And um, attractiveness does in fact have something to do with height. Seriously, it’s not even close how much pull my tall friends have versus my short friends. Not. Even. Close.

  69. Steve says:

    Im a 6’7″ guy. I am attracted to tall women, I just have not had the pleasure of dating one. The tallest I have dated is 5’5″. Part of that has to do with the fact that where I live there are very few tall women.

  70. Autumn says:

    Really, nice article.
    Maybe you were hurt by some ‘tall’ guy before, and I’m sorry you had to go through that. It’s not nice when someones a jackass. But you don’t have to put down other people because your upset.
    And thanks for making us short girls (The ones who aren’t blessed to be 5’10 like YOU) feel like crap. So what? I can’t reach over the fridge.
    It’s called a chair.
    And what does it matter if you date a tall guy or a short one? Love isn’t about looks, and you’re really shallow if you’re so worked up over his height and the fact that he dates ‘shorter’ woman.
    Like it or not, the average height for a girl is about 5’4 and the average height for a guy is about 5’9.
    So get over yourself and possibly being taller than the guy and deal with the fact that love isn’t about height, how long someone’s hair is, or how tight their ass is.
    It’s about LOVE.
    And destiny doesn’t give a crap about the height of a person before they connect them with someone else.

  71. Kara says:

    I’m one of those short gals (5’1) dating a super tall guy (6’6) and I adore him. We’ve been together for three years and we get the looks from tall girls. I feel embarrassed for them. You can’t choose who you love.

  72. eve says:

    I am a tall girl, 6’0″. I never gave this issue any thought until recently, not for any selfish concerns, just a general thought. I never had any problems dating whatsoever. I never let such trivial things as height stand in the way of getting to know anybody. I do also think personality had a lot to do with my success- I’m generally easy going, intelligent, and had the confidence to be able to go after sure bets instead of wasting time on people who were not that into me.
    Personally, I always dated guys that were as tall as me. Not because of some premeditated preference; it just usually happened that way. Now I’m with a guy who is 2 inches shorter than me, and I will probably be with him for the rest of my life.
    I find short girls annoying for completely different reasons. If they want to date tall guys- let ’em. If tall guys prefer partners based on their size- who cares? Why would you want to date someone who is that shallow anyway? Why let some guy lecture you on femininity? I mean, when a guy has physical criteria on what femininity is, that should be your first flag.

    Just be content with yourself. Tall girls are sexy as hell. You should take comfort in this fact.

  73. notyouraverageheight says:

    I’ve been reading these comments for so long that I truly forget how I came across this article. But, I am sincerely glad that I did. I found this article one of those “story of my life” type things and the comments were highly entertaining.
    I guess I should throw it out there that I’m a 6’0” girl (actually called tall girl sometimes). No, I’m not insecure about my height but I would also never consider modeling and I do believe the fashion industry does not cater to or love people like me. I use my height in the sports department, and let me tell you it is extremely useful as a first baseman, although I have many good friends that are far shorter than I am but also extremely talented athletically. Despite my security in my height, I would still prefer to date a taller guy over one shorter than me. Since my dating record remains blank even as a going-to-be senior in high school I can’t really discuss the pros and cons of having a shorter or a taller boyfriend. All I know is that I’ve been tall my entire life (most of us don’t shoot up out of the blue) and while I do enjoy my height, I can personally say that I would want to date someone that makes me feel a little less beastly. Many of you that have commented have talked about how tall girls are seemingly intimidating… while this appears to be that way, NEWSFLASH I’m just as shy as a short girl appears and I know many short girls that are extremely intimidating. For the short guys out there, I feel your pain because you’re right, it’s not fair that people overlook you as a possible candidate just because of your size. There have been a few short guys in the past that I’ve shown interest in but they wouldn’t consider me because of my height so I get where all of you are coming from. It’s because of some past rejections and awkward moments that I do prefer taller guys.
    I feel like I just ranted and that none of the really contributed to this discussion so as dorky as it is these were my main thoughts that crossed my mind when I read this article:
    – I am tall but don’t hate it
    – I have nothing against short girls but they do seem to have it easier throughout the whole dating process
    – Yes I prefer tall guys but it’s out of my comfort more than it’s out of insecurity
    – No I have no experiences to speak of but this is how I feel about it now
    – I have considered short guys in the past… it’s been them that haven’t considered me
    And most of all I agree that love should be about love but I do understand people who have their preferences for a certain height in comparison with their own.

  74. notyouraverageheight says:

    Shoot… I apologize for the unnecessary length of my comment… didn’t realize I was typing that much!

  75. BB says:

    Hey. I’m a Freshman in high school (soon to be Sophomore) and I’ve reached the 5’8.5″ mark. (My mom is 6’1″ my dad is 5’8″ — he likes tall women). Curves run rampid in my family. Even if I grew another 12 feet, I would still have the hips my mother inherited from her mother, and so on and so forth.

    These women who aren’t “curvy” enough to your expectations — that’s just they way they’re built. And you know what? They’re men LOVE it. They themselves LOVE it, and they could really care less what you thought of them.

    As for the shorter women, you guys are also really beautiful. What you “lack” in height, you gain in other ways. Besides, you’re better at playing Hide and Seek than I will ever be. (Tag on the other hand…) And you know what, YOUR MEN LOVE IT TOO!

    If boys are so vain as to choose a woman based on her height, limiting himself because of his insecurities, that’s fine. He obviously does not contain the cojones to approach you, both tall and short women, and therefore he’s obviously not worth your time. Besides, do you really want an insecure dude, who’d rather LIMIT himself to the pork chops than enjoy the entire feast?

    I think not.

    • Mr X says:

      well if your the pork chop I don’t think you would like guys going for the whole feast trying a sample of each cut? The pork chop at home or the FEAST next door?
      Also women here keep saying its shallow for guys or they are insecure if they don’t ask a woman out because she is tall. Wrong. There has to be a physical attraction for it to go further into an intimate relationship. If there doesn’t need to be any physical attraction for you towards the other person that only reveals how desperate you are.
      I am 6ft. I like shot girls. Im proud of it. Do i know why? no does that mean I dont talk to tall women? no. Does it mean I will never date a taller woman? No. All it means is that in the same way some people like blue eyes blond hair or brunets and brown eyes I am generally more attracted to the shorter woman. If someone is going to judge me on my makeup or preferences then are they really worth my time?

  76. James says:

    Hey tall ladies I’m 6’2″ and have trouble finding YOU! I think its because of my over exposure to shorter girls that makes me find them more than just attractive. Where do all the tall girls live?

  77. sara says:

    I am tall, 5`9 blonde baby face and I look like Charlize Theron. Furthermore I am highly educated and still can`t find a tall guy. They all seem to be going with little girls.

  78. adele says:

    this is so stupid and infuriating. do u ever think of what short girls go through, getting teased all the time, people make u feel like shit like ur inferior just because ur short. u fall in love with someone not their height. and short girls are brave, they get up on those ladders and chairs to reach things even with the possibility of falling. we always have to prove ourselves twice as hard because we look weaker and softer to so many people. its not fair
    tall girls get to be models, short girls dont. so get over it and stop dating superficial dumbasses that only care about ur height in relation to theirs.
    and tall girls, ur just as prejudice as u accuse tall boys of being. u wont date short guys yet u complain that tall guys wont date u.
    short girls are very curvy, its ignorant to say theyre all stumps it depends on body types just like tall girls can be lanky so can short girls

    some of the most famous and beautiful women in the world have been short-(the majority are extremely gorgeous curvy and sexy not tree stumps)
    Madonna 5’4
    Alanis Morissette 5’4
    Sarah Jessica Parker 5’4
    Elizabeth Taylor 5’4
    Mae West 5’0
    Betty White 5’4
    Bo Derek 5’3
    Natalie Portman 5’3
    Jennifer Love Hewitt 5’2-1/2
    Christina Aguilera 5’2
    Avril Lavigne 5’2
    Shakira 5’2
    Reese Whitherspoon 5’2
    Bette Midler 5’1
    Kylie Minogue 5’1
    Jennifer Lopez 5’5
    Demi Moore 5’5
    Bettie Page (50’s Pinup Model) 5’5
    Brigitte Bardot 5’4
    Pamela Lee Anderson 5’5
    Marilyn Monroe 5’5-1/2
    Scarlett Johansson. 5′ 3

  79. I think its absurd to limit yourself to a certain criteria of person. If you never indulge in “the feast” then you will never appreciate the pork chops, the steak, the bread etc. Limiting yourself to a particular type only causes yourself to miss out the varieties that exist on this earth. It seems quite ridiculous that people have to date according to a standard they believe to be true. If you enjoy that person, then why not try dating them? Who cares what people think, they are choosing to live in ignorance. Additionally, I dont agree with the OP because it seems a bit strange to care about who tall guys are dating. Yes, it is ok to be a bit resentful of their relationship, but there are always other fish in the sea….

    And as for most tall girl being mannish, that is blasphemous. Rhianna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Gisele, Tyra Banks, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, Mandy Moore, Cameron Diaz etc………. would you call them manish? Please, women are women regardless of your preferences. If you cant handle a tall woman, then perhaps you are lacking in a certain area that is more suitable for short woman ^_~

    Short and tall women are beautiful. Women are all beautiful. Be proud of who you are!

  80. oh i forgot to add angelina jolie, princess diana, nicole kidman, naomi campbell, mischa barton, sandra bullock, brooke shields, catherine zeta jones, heidi klum, jessica biel………..

    these women are the epitome of graceful and elegant. to the men who said tall women lack grace, perhaps you are blinded by your one sided vision.

  81. GMBaker says:

    This is the best article / letter ever!! –I’m 5’11” and haven’t been able to put into words what you did so effectively!

  82. Blah Blah says:

    I never converted my height into feet before until yesterday when I discovered I am 5″ 9′ which is taller than I thought! I like being tall, but I wish I could cut 2 inches off and be more of an average-tall. I have 2 reasons for this 1) I am not an athlete or a model, what is the point in being tall? It makes me feel awkward because alot of my friends are shorter than me so I am always talking down to people 2) I hate the thought of limitations in terms of boyfriends, I know that most guys will go for girls under their height and I am at least equal to most guys I meet. I know you are supposed to want to find someone who loves you for who you are, but I cant help believing that person could be 2 inches shorter than me and never make the effort to get to know me because of it. And I wouldnt think any less of them for that, because I am not hypocritical or romantic…I know that we all judge people on their appearances, whether actively or subconciously. I know its not right, but its real.

  83. Ashley says:

    Love all the posts. I didn’t realize there were so many tall people out there. I guess I’ve been living in a bubble; most of my good friends are short. I used to hate my height (6’1″), but I’ve learned to embrace it. Personally, I like taller guys and I don’t find anything wrong with that. Everyone is wired differently.

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